Modular Work Station

Modular Workstations we offer are noted as the most actual as well as inexpensive solutions for today’s office and are employed by most businesses due to their versatility as well as efficient utilization of space. The products are the modish office set-ups, which don’t demand instant expensive renovations. The modular workplace system does not stay in need of any attachment to beams, walls or floors and have been bestowed with a stable configuration as well as layout. These come with flexibility to simply modify the office layout so as to suit the supplies without costly alterations. The Modular Workstations can be removed, moved added, and set back up very rapidly by employing a negligible amount of tools and labor.

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modular work station

Price: 13600 INR

Single Seater Modular work station with return frames.

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Modular Work Station

Price: 7000-10000 INR

Modular work station with return frames and glass partitions

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L Shaped Work Station

Price: 7000-10000rs INR
Product Image (18)

Linear Work Station

Price: 7000-10000rs INR
Product Image (17)

Work Staion

Price: 7000-10000rs INR

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